Direct mail piece for the Snore Shop.
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Seagull Photo & Design 2000-12


Diana Whalen with her new near Life-size X-Stand Display.
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Documentary film maker, writer, meteorologist, television and radio host and personality, public speaker, student and University Lecturer Richard Zurawski was in to have his picture taken for his latest book.

Media Mediocrity, Fernwood Publishers, is slated for release in March 2011. This is the newest in a long line of books written by Richard.

"We have all, at some point, seen science in action on television. Whether it was a show about disasters or weather, nature or the universe, a science commentator, even a crime show depicting forensic science – we have all gleaned a tidbit of scientific information while being entertained by our televisions. Or have we?" - Richard Zurawski.

For more about Richard, his books, documentaries, check out his web site at

MLA Diana Whalen need an update to her identity package. The objective was to create some sort of conformity to her brand.

A logo/mark allowed us to obtain this goal. Large bold letters stating her name and designation made it easy to identify that the pieces came from Diana's office.

Wink Apples required photography of their packing plant and storage facility. Janet and Steve made the trip to the Annapolis Valley, the orchards are just north of Kentville. There they met with the Van Meekerans and discussed their photography needs. Here's the terrific results.

Progressive Cabinets & Millwork approached Steve regarding a new logo. Seemed liked every where you looked there was a different Progressive logo. They needed a consolidation. A uniform modern new look that matched the forward thinking of their name and their owners. Steve wanted something that was fresh and would work in all mediums. The company had a presence in the Herald and had a web site. But Steve was careful to come up with a font that would work on a billboard. Outdoor advertising is tricky with it's obvious distance troubles. Too heavy a font the letters blur together, too thin a font and they don't show up at all. A happy medium was found (pardon the pun) and the new logo makes a stunning presentation

Steve has been photographing Sawlor Built Homes since 1999. Here are the highlights of the latest homes that he has photographed for them.

To see these interiors and exteriors, click on any image. Use the controls to see a slide show.

Watch for a direct mail piece from the Snore Shop in the month of June. Stuart Inglis of Russel House needed a designer to design and layout a direct mail piece for the Snore Shop, he called Janet. With direct mail you have less than 5 seconds before the piece hits the recycling bin. Janet design has given this piece it's best chance to be viewed. Since it's so good looking, it will hang around and be used.

MLA Diana Whalen needed to have a way to guide people to her Town Hall Meetings. People would arrive at what could be a strange place to them looking for Diana's meeting. This relatively inexpensive X-Stand Display solved all of the problems. It's light, easy to transport & great looking. It comes complete with a small carrying case. The case would fit nicely on or under a car seat or in the trunk