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Direct mail piece for the Snore Shop.
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Seagull Photo & Design 2000-12

Diana Whalen with her new near Life-size X-Stand Display.
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What is Media Buying?

Well, it's a little like buying real estate - media real estate. Your buying space. At Seagull we become your agents. We find the best space at optimal placement and price. We ensure the best possible value can be secured for your advertisements by negotiation of price and placement.

So as Media Buyers we're responsible for purchasing time and advertising space to get your message out to the people you need to reach.

Now, that sounds simple doesn't it. But I can assure you its not a task for the novice. Why? Because it's a complex process. A science. More importantly it's customized for you.

Consider this. When planning what to buy, we must evaluate factors based on formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics. It depends on your particular product or service objectives. As your Media Buyer we need to optimize what is bought. Now, that's dependent on budget, type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print), quality of the medium (target audience, time of day for broadcast, etc.), and how much time and space is wanted.


We know how to put together the most effective media mix for your available budget. Seagull's focus is Strategic Planning. Our promise isn't to get the cheapest media buy. Why? Because you get what you pay for. Seagull promises to get you the smartest media mix and the best use of each medium. How? By putting emphasis on the planning rather than the buying. We uncover innovative ways to use media more effectively than simply buying cheap media.

What sets Seagull apart is our strong strategic marketing base. We mix on-target planning and strong negotiating skills to produce a truly integrated campaign. It stretches your budgets dramatically. We offer solutions to meet your objective: making your dollars work harder.

The Media Mix is dedicated to providing solutions to tough marketing challenges. Whether it’s print, billboards, radio, television, internet promotion, web site management or hosting.

We develop a stronger, strategic mix by tying all the pieces together - creatively, artistically and with the kind of originality that stands out. Which you need, to get the attention you're seeking.


Seagull's clients have enjoyed greater values from their budgets as a result of our methods. The success of your media buy depends on two things: one is innovative strategies and the other is tough negotiating. We’re experts in both.

What's the benefits? Well, besides our full attention and experience, you get the Seagull service difference! It's both “big enough, and small enough.” We’re big enough to handle anything you throw at us, and small enough to have a personal relationship with all our clients. We communicate! One-on-one. We solve your media problems by coming up with the solutions that fit like a comfortable slipper. So relax. Contact the experts in media buying, Seagull.