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Direct mail piece for the Snore Shop.
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Seagull Photo & Design 2000-12

Diana Whalen with her new near Life-size X-Stand Display.
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Radio Spots

Here's a sampling of our radio spots. We wanted to make the Living Lighting stores your go-to-place for lighting needs and differentiate the service experience from that of the big box stores. We still wanted to emphasize that they have the largest selection in Atlantic Canada and the personal, professional knowledgeable staff that make it an enjoyable experience. Seagull communicated it all in a 30 second spot with a bit of humour.


Outdoor advertising currently has the biggest value in today's media market. What other media boasts cost effective 24 hour, seven day a week exposure. Shown is a billboard for Progressive Cabinets. They are known for supplying commercial millwork and kitchens for multi unit apartment buildings. This billboard was introduced to increase their brand into the retail market. Seagull provided the creative, art direction, set and set location, photography, and ad production.

Voiceovers and Video Slides

Hiring Smart were producing video about their service for their web site and for the ever popular You Tube. They needed a series of slides to be inserted in the video with a voiceover explanation. Seagull provided the Flash expertise and voiceover talent that Hiring Smart required.


There's a lot of competing media out there. Seagull considers the many variables when choosing the media tools that are right for you. Seagull takes all the evidence into consideration. Truths you don't have time to consider. We handle all the frustrations that you'll find overwhelming. So relax. Let Seagull take the worry out of your media decisions.